guaranteed for life?

this means, if it breaks, comes out of tune, or simply starts to suck, i’ll back up my work, not only for as long as you own it, but i’ll handle business for the next person who owns it. all i ask is that you don’t take it apart, modify the machine in any way, or otherwise fuck with it.  there are some exceptions, of course… the addition of an RCA jack is no big deal, or changing the springs if they break, but once you loosen the coils, and start messing with the mojo, you’re on your own. i don’t tune them with o-rings, so i don’t recommend installing one. if you didn’t find a coin on the spring shelf, it’s for a reason.

my stuff isn’t always going to work for everyone, but i try my best to make sure each machine is tuned to make sense for most tattooers, and perform as expected.  if it should ever fail to meet your demands, i suggest dropping me a line via email, instead of putting the machine in a drawer, or up for sale, so i can tend to your needs, and make sure you’re happy with your purchase. i want people to USE my stuff. not put it away, or sell it.

if you look closely, you may find little bits of paper tucked in here and there. don’t mess with them. as much as we try to stay as consistent as possible, our parts are all machined by humans, so there WILL be some variation from one frame to the next, or from one coil core to the next. sometimes this calls for some creative shimming. i like to think of these little differences as something that adds character to the machines. they are truly hand made, and when you employ old world methods like sand casting, hand milling, and hand filing, you will undoubtedly run into variations among components.

how does it work?

well, first off, forget what you’ve been told about “the meter” for a second. i don’t tune my machines to a meter. i use one to ensure consistency, but that’s where my reliance on them ends. i check for voltage and amperage with the meter. that’s all. i’d been building and tuning, without one, for many years before they came along, with little complaint about how my machines ran. i use my ears, my hands, my eyes, and my experience, to tune a machine. a meter cannot tell you how hard a machine is hitting, nor can it measure the consistency of the stroke. a meter cannot tell you how skin will react to a change in speed or force. this is something only measurable by human touch, and when i get an email or a phone call, asking why the meter says my machines are running “incorrectly”, i have to ask, “but… how does it work?” nine times out of ten, i’m told “the machine runs great.. it’s just that the meter says it’s wrong”. well, guess what… fuck the meter. it’s best used AFTER a machine is tuned properly, to see what kind of numbers you like. i tune the machine how i like it to run, hook it up to the meter for some information, and make note of it for future reference. the meter readings are not the rule, by ANY stretch of the imagination.


when your order ships out, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email. if you haven’t received one, please be patient. each machine is hand crafted and should ship out within the week it was sold. if there are delays, we will be in touch. feel free to check up if you are worried about a package. we are almost always available through email. US orders: you’ll receive a USPS tracking number with your shipping confirmation on all orders, both Priority and Express. international orders: you have two options when ordering outside of the U.S.- USPS Priority Intl. which comes with a tracking number and usually arrives within 6-10 business days of shipment. or USPS Express Intl. which arrives in 3-5 business days with added cost. Please note that you have THESE options and purchase accordingly. we are not responsible for stolen or lost packages when the tracking system of a chosen shipping courier shows that the package was delivered. all of our shipping options come with signature confirmation. if you would like this waived please make note when ordering. any shipping concerns, email support@sethciferri.com


email is preferred: workshop@sethciferri.com (Monday thru Friday, 10am to 6pm PST, this is the only time we respond to email inquires)


paypal & credit card are the only payment methods we accept. we do not offer COD. please make sure to correctly fill out the billing/shipping addresses.

repairs, refurbs & modifications?

seth guarantees all of his machines, so long as they come back unmolested, sorry we do not accept returns.  we also ask that you pay return shipping, unless it is in the first month of being purchased.  if you want to send a machine back for a repair, refurbishing, or a modification, please email workshop@sethciferri.com FIRST. please do not ship a machine without emailing us. all repairs are done first come, first serve, and will ship out the day they are finished. patience is appreciated – seth is only one man. Also, before shipping remove all extra crap from your machine, like lights, rope, blood, o-rings, rubberbands, etc.


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